Coach Keith Russell

My body of work in Leadership and Coaching began when I was a young soldier; I spent over 20 years in the military and concluded that career as a Professor of Leadership at a major university.  I have owned several businesses, led organizations from 3-900 employees, managed a large staff of over 120 members and have experience in Government, Private and Public sectors.  I have been charged with the responsibility of managing organizations with assets in excess of $80 Million.  I have been fortunate to partner with Executives, Managers and Leaders around the world in many different industries.


I often seek speaking opportunities to deliver the message that Leadership is required in any organization and at every level.  Leadership skills have been vital to my success from the battlefield to the boardroom.  I have been molded and my business mindset formed by working with and for some of the most inspiring leaders in the world.


In 2008, I realized that I had a passion for helping individuals and organizations to focus, gain clarity and establish habits and culture that drive them toward achieving RESULTS. Leadership Coaching drives me, it allows me to assist others and grow.


I have learned through my own mistakes, challenges and successes in business and the rigors on the battlefield that Leadership is an art.  I am a life learner and enjoy partnering with my clients to assist them in achieving the success they are committed to.


I have developed a UN-Stuck ™ Leadership Coaching Program that has generated great results by focusing on the human dimension of Leadership.  When working with my clients, I assist them by becoming a partner in crime, sounding board and sometimes this leads to making a friend or two along the way.


The methodology of the coaching relationship is unique to each client I work with.  But, the relationship remains the same.  I will be your coach and occasionally be a little tough on you.  We will achieve more together.


Think BIG!



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