Here's what some of my past clients have said:

" I was struggling as the COO of a 25 employee company. I called to inquire about Personal Coaching and have never looked back. After 10 Personal Coaching sessions and a 2 day workshop for my supervisors, I have decided to ask Sabre Consulting to provide Personal Coaching to 3 more employees in my company. Sabre will be a part of our Organization for years to come"

Jerry, COO, Fort Collins, CO


"I have attended multiple seminars of Keith's over several years and I look forward to the next one. He is so genuine and cares for the student as if they were part of his company. My last experience working with Keith was one that changed my view on my family, friends, life and job. Amazing!"

Connie, Director, Panama City, FL


"I had lost focus and confidence. Not any more. I was seriously considering retirement. Not any more. Thank you, thank you, thank you! AMAZING RESULTS"

Sarah A., Department Head, San Antonio, TX


"We were really not looking forward to having an outsider come to teach us. By the end of day one, we felt like the instructor was an employee of our company and by the end of day 3, we felt like we were saying goodbye to a family member. Great experience. We are using the new skills at our office and seeing great improvement in our outputs. The ongoing Leadership Coaching is also getting us a huge ROI. Thank you so much!"

Jose, VP, Lansing, MI


The decision to hire a coach was one of the best things I have ever done. Choosing to hire Keith was life-changing. Keith is my "silent partner" and his contributions to me and our company resulted in nearly immediate and sustainable profits.

Cynthia, CEO, Chicago, IL


Business coaching is the best investment I have made in over 20 years of being a business owner! Working with Keith has given me a new perspective on life and business. The challenges I had are gone and we are moving on to new goals and a brighter future.

Matthew, Managing Partner, Davenport, IA


I know what my future holds and business is great. I went from being stuck in my day-to-day activities to having a vision for my company. Keith has been a true "partner" in my business.

Brian, Owner and CEO, Clute, TX


Teaming up with Keith has been a great experience. He is a fantastic listener, is business minded and has shown me a better way to lead my team. I haven't been this excited and focused in 15 years.

Debbie, President and Founder, Newport, RI


I worked for Keith over 20 years ago and when I heard he was a leadership coach, I reached out to him to help me with my business. I knew from experience he was a great leader, but had no idea how much he could help me and my company. Our net profit is up over 30% in 9 months and I am in control. What a great investment. Thanks, Keith.

Christopher, Owner, Denton, TX


If you put in the work during the Un-stuck Coaching process, you will see immediate benefits to partnering with Keith. Be ready to see a brighter future because that is exactly what this experience has given me. Many thanks!

P.S. Keith, I already have my homework done for our next call and I am excited to share it with you.

Lisa, Sr. Consultant, Salina, KS


When I started my coaching practice, I figured it would be easy to find clients. I was so wrong... Business was slow and I was getting ready to throw in the towel. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to a seminar with him and Keith was the facilitator. I was so impressed (and desperate) that I hired Keith that night. I have a thriving practice, great coach and a life-long friend.

Jeremy, Certified Professional Coach, Fort Collins, CO

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